Nuit Blanche 2007


Thierry Farcy, a Visual Artist, was born in Vire, in Normandy, France on April, 17th 1965.

He now lives in France in Caen in Normandy.

1987 to 1992, he goes to night school at the Caen School for Fine- Arts, whilst studying Medicine to become a Doctor.

His medicine studies help him to understand the real bio-mechanics and biology behind the human being whilst his artistic studies let him explore the instinctive and more abstract dimensions of mankind... In 1994 he presents his medical thesis on "Henry Meige (1866-1940) Neurologist and Anatomical Artist".

1994 to 2002 he paints an extended series of "universal portraits", showing the common features of all human beings, through the origins of life and the reflexion of the image of the human face on the canvas. 2001, sees him contemplating the question of human cloning, through his work on three-dimensional heads, made in coloured resin, the heads are set out as if in a life-size board game, the rules of the game however can not be grasped, his work thus mirrors that of the researchers who try to master human cloning techniques with only limited knowledge of the human life form. It is around this period of time that he creates the series "intermediate states", "our ancestral memories" and the polyptch of 19 canvas (46 cm by 38 cm) called "Emergence".

From 2002, he concentrated on sculptures, "universal human heads" made in ice. This choice of material led him to use photography as a medium. He chose ice due to its ephemeral properties like those of life itself and due to the human being largely composed of water. It is equally at this time that he began creating concrete sculptures, emphasizing multiplicity, he sometimes set them out in harmony with their surroundings. This material enabled him to produce blocks of rough concrete: he incorporated the concrete heads into a block of rough concrete. With a stone mason, Mr Eric Corbey, they broke open the blocks thus revealing the heads in fossil-like form. Furthermore he rebuilt other forms from the remains, always with a reference to life itself, life which in spite of death always creates life; "Work of Nature", 2002, "within walls" 2004, "columns" 2006. His works are regularly exhibited at the Hélène Lamarque Gallery, "within walls" 2006, "the inner body" 2007, "beyond the body" 2010.

2007, saw a retrospective of his work at the Fine-arts museum in Alençon in Normandy, together with a personal exhibition in the town, for which a detailed catalogue was published. He took part in the "Nuit Blanche" in Paris in 2007.

In 2008, he went back to drawing, without abandoning other media, and he began an extensive series named "improvised anatomy".

In his drawings, he invokes biology, together with poetical dissection of the microscopic anatomy. We are shown strange forms, sometimes, linking reality with microscopic detail, without the form or the nature of what we are seeing being revealed to us. He has created videos of his ice sculptures melting, "a veil for the virgin's wedding", 2006. "The state of painting", 2008, "The life of flowers", 2010.

Main exhibitions :

    • 2015: Musée des Beaux-Arts et de la Dentelle, Caen
      Exposition avec Isabelle MAAREK
    • 2014: "70 combats pour la liberté", le Radar, Bayeux
      Samdigalerie, Caen
      Trio église Saint-Sauveur, Caen
    • 2013: BASA, Lyon
      October 2013 : "Festival Jardins Synthétiques" at the Museum Saint Raymond, TOULOUSE
    • December 3rd 2011 : "Vanitas" Performance at Curator's Voice Art Projects, MIAMI,USA - Curated by Milagros Bello - See the video
      December 2011 : Group exhibition, W South Beach, MIAMI, USA - See the catalog
      December 2011 : Group exhibition "Hyperexpo" Hypertopie gallery, Caen, France
    • september 2011: SHANGHAI Art Fair
      Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3
    • avril 2010: Exhibition in the loans room at the Artotheque in CAEN
    • 2008-2009 : Gallery Hélène Lamarque .MIAMI (Floride)
    • 2007: 2007 , Nuit blanche PARIS
    • 2007: "L'art est dans le prés" au Parc des Enclos . DEAUVILLE. www.arpac.fr
    • 2006 : Istambul Art Fair
      Museum of Fine Arts, Alençon, FRANCE,
      First retrospective exhibition: Solo show at the museum with sculpture/installation pieces throughout the town
    • 2006 : Gallery Hélène Lamarque, Paris
    • 2005 : Gallery Deux Angles, Flers (61)
    • 2005 : Gallery Hélène Lamarque, Paris
    • 2004 : One man show – Art Event fair, Lille
    • 2000-2003: Participant in art gallery network at the academy of Caen’s junior high and high schools
    • April 2002: Participant in Caen’s first annual contemporary art month
    • September 2000: Ville de Pont Audemer
    • May 2000: Gallery Bellint-Lamarque, Paris
    • October 1998: Gallery Wam, Paris
    • April 1998: Gallery Hélène Lamarque, Rouen
    • December 1995: Gallery Espace Albertine, Brussels
    • June 1995: Gallery Espace Albertine, Brussels
    • May 1995: Gallery Hélène Lamarque, Rouen
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